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Ray Andrew, MD, PC, is the only year-round provider of non-hospital-based urgent care services in Moab, Utah & Grand County. Many of our visitors from out of town do not have insurance or do not wish to wait in the E.R. behind patients with true life- or limb-threatening emergencies. In both cases we have been able to provide a much-needed Urgent Care service and made many grateful friends from around the world.

If you have an emergency, or an urgent condition that cannot wait until the office opens, by all means do not hesitate to go to the hospital. Chest pain, slurred speech, gasping for air, and bone fragments poking through your skin are all good reasons to call 911! For urgent problems that don’t require a hospital bed or an operating room, feel free to call or drop in and see if we can help you. Most insurance plans are accepted.

Are you aware that 80% of all ER visits can be treated at an Urgent Care location like the Grand County Wellness Center? Make an appointment with us for general illness treatments like pediatrics, occupational health, colds and flu, immunizations, and more.
Be sure your kids are ready to get outside with a physical exam. Most summer activities and athletics require a sports physical before a child is allowed to  participate.

We commonly treat the following:

  • Foreign Body Removal from Eyes
  • IV Therapy for Dehydration
  • Laceration Repair
  • Nebulizer Treatment for Asthma
  • Splinting & Casting of Fractures
  • Treatment of bladder infections, injuries, respiratory illnesses, and much more