Wellness is more than just the absence of disease. We live in an increasingly toxic world. The food and other substances we eat, the air we breathe, the drugs we take, the chemicals we put on our skin, and the multiple stresses of modern life drain the vitality out of us long before disease shows up. Too many Americans consider themselves “healthy” in spite of chronic fatigue, difficulty sleeping, headaches, digestive disturbances, and many other impairments. At Grand County Wellness Center, we use specialized testing, nutraceutical-grade supplements, customized vitamins, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, IV therapy, bio-identical hormones, and many other tools to help patients reach their health potential.

We are driven by a passion to find uncommon but effective solutions to common health problems. We attend international conferences and lectures on a regular basis, incorporating the best and latest technologies that are often lacking even in Salt Lake and many metropolitan areas. This is why patients from multiple surrounding states come to Moab for cutting-edge care. It is also why we found it necessary to open an office in Provo, and then to expand to a larger office in Springville, to better accommodate patients who come from northern Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.